Earth Building UK Conference 2012

For those of you in the UK there is a really interesting conference in a few weeks time in York. The organisation Earth Build UK  is having a conference on ‘The use of earth and clay plasters’. The organisation aims to promote and support building with earth in the UK by:

  • promote earth building in contemporary construction
  • assist the recognition, understanding and significance of earth buildings
  • foster traditional skills and promote new technologies
  • network our membership to promote earth building locally, nationally and internationally
  • research and develop technical understanding
  • share experience and knowledge through a program of seminars and annual conferences.

The conference is on 13th January and includes talks by Tom Morton (Arc Architects, Annabel Fawcus (EarthedWorld, Ben Gourley (University of York), Nigel Copsey (Earth, Stone and Lime company, Andrew Heath (BRE Centre for Innovative Construction Materials, University of Bath, Adam Weismann and Katy Bryce (Clayworks, Barbara Jones (Straw Works and Neil May (Natural Building Technologies

The conference fee for EBUK members is £42.00. This includes refreshments and lunch. If you are not already an EBUK member the conference fee is £63.00 (this includes a full year’s membership of EBUK).

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