Eco-Homes for all: Why the socio-cultural matters in encouraging eco-building

Introduction Self-build homes come in all shapes and sizes and are driven by a variety of intentions. Different budgets, environments and regulations shape them. I am particularly interested in those who collectively self-build homes based on ecological principles and within a small budget - self-build eco-homes often in eco-communities[i]. These homes are especially interesting because … Continue reading Eco-Homes for all: Why the socio-cultural matters in encouraging eco-building

Building community and learning from failure

Many of us have dreamed of living in community but have struggled to know where to start. You can read all the books out there and still flounder. Having both explored the possibilities of starting a community we feared that we were repeating the same mistakes others had already made. Despite a long tradition of … Continue reading Building community and learning from failure

Affordable rural eco-homes

There is currently a great deal of policy and academic focus on housing. Yet this is mainly with respect to urban housing issues, with far less concern for problems affecting rural areas, such as fewer resource infrastructures resulting in a reliance on expensive and environmentally damaging oil-fired heating systems. Despite this lack of attention, some … Continue reading Affordable rural eco-homes

Building more affordable eco-housing worldwide

[Versión en español abajo] Eco-housing is often assumed to cost more to build than conventional housing. The main way in which eco-construction costs are reduced is through self-build, but this does not help most people. Instead there is a need to reconceive the costs of eco-building and develop more radical alternatives for building low cost … Continue reading Building more affordable eco-housing worldwide