Nant-y-Cwm School, Wales

I am always looking for inspiring examples of eco-buildings and one is Nant-y-Cwm – a Steiner Waldorf School in Pembrokeshire. One of their buildings is a low impact eco-build which has been studied by my colleague Peter Kraftl who has written on green architecture. Below are some of his photos of the building.

Nant-y-Cwm - almost invisible with its grass roof (taken by: Peter Kraftl)
Nant-y-Cwm up close (taken by: Peter Kraftl)

Inside Nant-y-Cwm (taken by: Peter Krafl)
A good article about the building is: Kraftl, P. (2006) “Building an idea: The material construction of an ideal childhood”, Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers. 31(4): 488-504.