Best books on eco-housing

Having just spent the last two months reading about eco-housing I have compiled a list of what I consider to be the best books about housing, home and eco-housing. These books encompass a broad interest in the physical architectural design of an eco-house, alongside the important social elements of how people live together and communities … Continue reading Best books on eco-housing

Rethinking design: Pattern Language

 Alexander et al. (1977) Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction. Oxford University Press, New York, pp.1171. Pattern Language is a way in which to approach architectural design and town planning to maximise the enjoyment and use of the space for people. It is about ensuring that design is for people rather than just to look good. … Continue reading Rethinking design: Pattern Language

Useful books

There are a large number of books about eco-building, eco-living and eco-communities, but far fewer which deal with issues of affordability as well as sustainability. A few I have come across recently are: Liddell, H (2008) Eco-minimalism: the antidote to eco-bling. RIBA Publishing, London A great book which argues that careful integrated ecological design is … Continue reading Useful books