Building more affordable eco-housing worldwide

[Versión en español abajo] Eco-housing is often assumed to cost more to build than conventional housing. The main way in which eco-construction costs are reduced is through self-build, but this does not help most people. Instead there is a need to reconceive the costs of eco-building and develop more radical alternatives for building low cost … Continue reading Building more affordable eco-housing worldwide

Building Collectively Is Greener, Easier, and Cheaper

Building a house is hard work. A decade ago my mum and I built an eco-house together. We loved it – the freedom of designing what spaces we wanted, the excitement of choosing only materials we wanted to use, and most of all the pure joy of moving in to the finished house. I have … Continue reading Building Collectively Is Greener, Easier, and Cheaper

How to find … El Valle de Sensaciones, Spain

All visits must be pre-arranged and they would prefer you to attend a course or workshop (see listings on the website) rather than just do a tour. However, email them and let them know your interests. El Valle de Sensaciones is just south east of Yátor in the Alpujarras in Andalucia, Spain. If you are coming from … Continue reading How to find … El Valle de Sensaciones, Spain

Matavenero, León, Spain

High in the mountains of León province, north west Spain, is an eco-village crafted from the site of an abandoned village. Unfortunately I did not make it to the site and there is an excellent first-hand account by Tony Wrench in Permaculture Magazine if you want to hear from someone what it was like. However, drawing on … Continue reading Matavenero, León, Spain