Panya Project, Mae Taeng, Thailand

Past the rice fields and towards the forested hills lies Panya Project near Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. Established in 2004 it has become a site for experimentation and education in permaculture and natural building. In its 10 acres there is a large communal building (the Sala), nine residential dwellings, a new large dormitory, … Continue reading Panya Project, Mae Taeng, Thailand

Heat, humidity, bugs and eco-building in Thailand

It wasn't until one landed on me that I realised that some termites can fly. As we huddled around the one fan on the Sala (communal building) at Panya Project  (Moo Bahn Mae Jo, near Tae Taeng, Chiang Mai) we watched the huge array of insects and bugs come and join us - a small … Continue reading Heat, humidity, bugs and eco-building in Thailand