LILAC, Leeds: Low Impact Living Affordable Community

LILAC is a new co-housing eco-development in urban west Leeds (Bramley), Britain. It is particularly interesting because it is using straw bale, it is accessible (the definition of which I will return to), affordable, grassroots, collective, and (sub)urban. There are 12 flats, 8 houses and a communal house, building work is advancing at a pace … Continue reading LILAC, Leeds: Low Impact Living Affordable Community

Follow a journey through worldwide eco-projects

I have just come across a great site (IM)PERMANACE: global solutions for perninial living, which is documenting a families trip around the world visiting and teaching permaculture projects. Some of the places they are visiting overlap with places I have posted here, but there are so many more as well. Their "Mission is to travel 40 000 … Continue reading Follow a journey through worldwide eco-projects

Earthship Biotecture, near Taos, New Mexico, USA

Standing on top of an Earthship in the New Mexico desert watching the sunset turn the mountains a deep red, makes you realise how boring conventional housing is. Earthships are a highly inventive and unusual house design by Mike Reynolds who spent years experimenting in the New Mexico deserts. There are now hundreds of examples … Continue reading Earthship Biotecture, near Taos, New Mexico, USA

Columbia Eco-village, Portland, Oregon

Columbia eco-village is a relatively new co-housing project in the north east of Portland. It is on the site of an old nut farm which was partly sold to developers in the 1960s who built five apartment buildings. These buildings and the remainder of the farm and farmhouse now constitute the eco-village. Using a loan … Continue reading Columbia Eco-village, Portland, Oregon

Kailash Eco-village, Portland, Oregon, USA

  I had the great opportunity to stay at Kailash Eco-village for ten days in August last year. It was the last stop on my trip around eco-buildings in the USA and it did not disappoint. Kailash shares some similarities with Los Angeles Eco-Village – in that it is a deliberately urban project which enables … Continue reading Kailash Eco-village, Portland, Oregon, USA