Review of book ‘Eco-Homes’

Eco-Homes: People, Place and Politics by Jenny Pickerill (Zed Books, 2016, ISBN: 9781780325309)

Jenny Pickerill is a Professor in Environmental Geography at the University of Sheffield, England. She is particularly interested in inspiring grassroots solutions to environmental problems; in this case, sustainable ecohousing.

The book is written in such a way as to appeal to academics and practitioners in the field of eco-housing, as well as to owner builders and the average layperson interested in the topic.


Approaching the problem from three angles – people, places and politics – she delves deeply into the social, geographical and political issues, teasing out the reasons for the relatively slow uptake of eco-housing, despite the benefits being known for decades.

Focussing on owner built eco-housing, through the use of 34 case studies from seven countries, it provides an international perspective of affordable eco-housing solutions.

‘While it is unashamedly an academic piece of work, based on years of empirical fieldwork interpreted using geographical and sociological theories, its findings often also point to practical ways forward.’

Review of eco-homes book

[Published in THE OWNER BUILDER, no. 202 August/September 2017, p.67,]

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