How to find … Panya Project and Pun Pun, Thailand

[Maps to be added soon]

Panya Project and Pun Pun are near the village of Moo Bahn Mae Jo in Chiang Mai province about 2 hours north of Chiang Mai city. The cheapest (and most fun) way to get there is on the daily ‘veggy’ or market truck that leaves the city every day except Sunday, at 12 noon. It returns at 6 am in the morning.

1. Get to the truck departure point

To catch the bus from Chaing Mai first go to the Wararot Market in the north east of the city by the river. Once at the market walk to the river that is next to the market, when you are facing the river, take a left and walk up the road about 100 metres. You see see lots of trucks and red and yellow trucks (song-tao) lined up on the road. On your left there is a parking area for pick-up trucks between some shops. Take a left down the ally on the far side of the parking area. Look up and see a sign on top of the building that says Narkorn Ping Bazzar. You are in the right spot. (If you hit the Red Cross building, or the US Embassy you have gone too far, missed the left turn). You keep walking down the ally past the trucks for about 100 metres until you find a white truck that is slightly bigger than most of the others. Here is a photo of it (courtesy of Panya):

2. Take the truck north to Moo Bahn Mae Jo

On a window of that truck is a sign that says: Jon Jandai’s Farm: Pun Pun And a sign that says The Baan Thai Project. This is the truck. It will be full of bits for the markets up north. When it sets off (at noon) it visits other markets and picks up further supplies. It is useful to help the loading process. The trip all together takes about 2 hours, and on the way you stop at various markets to drop off the deliveries. You will ride the truck all the way to the last stop and it costs 50 Baht (about 1 British pound).

3. Walk up the track to Panya or Pun Pun

The truck will drop you at a dirt track near the entrance to the village. There is a sign that says “Panya Project” on your right. Follow that road for about 750 metres with views across rice fields on your left. The track forks and to the left is Pun Pun and to the right Panya Project. You are almost there. As you walk towards Panya you will see a thatched house on your right and then a big open air building that is the center of the project on your left. This is the Sala (communal space) which is the best place to find people.

Instructions on how to get their by driving or from Pai are on the Panya website.

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