On local community radio

Yesterday (Sunday 18th April) I was interviewed live for my local community radio station – The Eye 103FM (www.103theeye.co.uk) – on the need for affordable eco-homes. It was good fun – I enjoy a challenging interview that occasionally goes off on interesting tangents. It was also good to be doing something so local and articulating the importance of the ideas on this page to residents in my local town. I was part of a community segment that runs every Sunday morning – so anyone who is interested in local Melton Mowbray (Leicestershire) community info have a listen online!

Last week I was also in The Melton Times (my local weekly newspaper) with an article entitled ‘Jenny on affordable eco-homes mission’ (19th April, p.19). I am not so sure whether I would have used the word ‘mission’ but it does make me sound important and it was a good few columns about the project.