An anarchist house

Recently I have been exploring what an anarchist house looks like, particularly using the work of Colin Ward. Anarchism is essentially self-organisation, people providing for themselves without state intervention. It has multiple variants and part of its appeal for many is the flexibility with which it can be understood and practiced[i]. Colin Ward was a … Continue reading An anarchist house

NEW REPORT: Low Impact Communities in Britain

I have recently given several talks around Britain about how we can encourage the building of more low impact communities. I have collated the talks into a short report on the topic, available here as a PDF: Low impact communities in Britain. The report identifies three key types of barrier to low impact communities: political, economic and … Continue reading NEW REPORT: Low Impact Communities in Britain

Map of low impact communities in Britain

I have produced a map of the location of a broad selection of low impact communities in Britain. This is useful to help us see the sheer variety and growth of these communities, and also to understand how they are clustering in certain places. These are all actually existing projects which have been completed except … Continue reading Map of low impact communities in Britain

Lectures on eco-housing

I have recently been teaching the environmental geography of eco-housing to final year undergraduate geography students here at the University of Leicester (Britain). It has been a fun process of trying to organise my thoughts and recent research into a coherent story. I am not sure if they are of interest or use to anyone … Continue reading Lectures on eco-housing