New self build sustainable housing scheme in Devon, UK

The Land Society is setting up a new scheme in Devon (south west UK) to support local rural communities to develop energy efficient, affordable, sustainable homes. In their own words, "as part of The Land Society’s purpose of rebuilding rural economies we have identified that one major problem is the high cost of housing compared to … Continue reading New self build sustainable housing scheme in Devon, UK

New Earth Pioneers website

 There is a new website that has been set up to promote the activities of eco-villages, self sustainable communities, green initiatives, green blogs and eco-friendly products. It is called New Earth Pioneers. Any eco-village can add their details and there is already a really interesting mix of international projects listed. It's aim is to become … Continue reading New Earth Pioneers website

Priced Out – affordable housing campaign

PricedOut is a campaign group which acts on behalf of first time buyers and owner occupiers who cannot afford to buy a house in Britain. They argue that the government is largely to blame for this because of the tax advantages of buying a house simply to let it and the encouragement it gives to … Continue reading Priced Out – affordable housing campaign